Andrea Busalacchi

The hair have always been considered a symbol of virility ( male ) and seduction ( female ), but also a symbol of a culture and a way of being, for exeple in China haircut was a disgrace, in France the long hair was the prerogative of the nobles and the invincibility of Samson was tied to his own long hair.

But besides being a symbol, are very often also an indicator of the age , linked to the characteristic properties of the hair to become gray or white in time.

The color of the hair is due to melanin, a colored substance divided into two types : eumelanin , dark ( hair blacks ) , and pheomelanin , clear ( blonde hair, golden, red ) . In blonde hair melanin is present only in the cuticle , while in blacks or brown hair is also present in the medullary layer ( in red hair melanin is replaced by common soluble pigments) .

Getting older the original color of the hair start changing ( around 30 years) to white color . There are more causes that influence this phenomenon and the time of its appearance , such as genetics , some metabolic phenomena , nutrition, and stress.

Today we know a little more about this process, thanks to a team of European researchers who have identified in the gray hair follicle a strong oxidative stress , caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide !

To demonstrate it, we tested a product appling it topically on the scalp, it can counteract this excess of hydrogen peroxide , via UV activation ; this type of treatment has also been used in cases of vitiligo , with excellent results.

This exciting discovery will open new interesting horizons in combatting graying  or vitiligo and it’ll be very useful for preparation of new cosmetic products. In the meantime, the only help arrives from nature! We can have daily a good ammount of antioxidants , either through diet or through nutritional supplementation.

Try to use the excellent fresh basil pesto, typical in this season, one of the 20 foods richest in antioxidants.


What about you? Do you use any antioxidant?

Let us know your opinion.

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